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CCL Label is emerging as the leading player in the supply of wrap and colour chip labels in the ever growing paint market. CCL has the capability to become a market leader in this division through investment and innovation.


- Printed in letterpress / silkscreen combinations.
- Digital Printing available.
- Small print runs, 72 hours supply, high flexibility.
- Up to 6000 different colours already available.


The Expanded Content Label has space for more information than the conventional label type. The design makes it ideal for directions for use, informative labelling, multilingual information and various promotional activities.


The IML, integrated into the production process of the tub, is an example of efficiency.
Ready for your injection moulding machine. Specialisation makes all the difference. For example, laminated, cold-embossed or adhesive-coated labels.


Suitable for almost every shape of tub.
High-quality materials, thin foil lamination, specialised adhesives and selected printing inks offer a high degree of flexibility and appeal.


The Shrink Sleeves is an "adaptable" and flexible decoration medium for slightly to highly shaped containers made of plastics, glass and metal. It permits a 360° decoration, i.e. a top to toe decoration.

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