Technical requirements of provided layouts

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Specifications for submitting original layouts
  1. Please submit only vector-format files. If using bitmap images, they should be linked in the vector-format file. In case of embedded bitmap, the company takes no responsibility for any defects of final product.
  2. Accepted formats: CorelDraw, any version (.cdr), Freehand MX (.fh*, .eps), Adobe Illustrator, any version (.ai, .eps).
  3. In case of incorrect export to the above-mentioned formats, or in case files provided in formats different from above-mentioned, the company takes no responsibility for any defects of final product.
  4. Work files must be provided in two variants – with embedded fonts and with fonts saved as curves. All appropriate .ttf and .pfm font files also must be included.
  5. Bitmap images should be in TIFF or PSD formats. Resolution of images should be no less than 150 dpi for gray-scale picture and at least 600 dpi (ppi) for monochrome images. Actual size of the image (in mm) should correspond to its size in vector file.
  6. In case the original contains collage elements (such as object and its shadow), please include PSD file with unglued layers.
  7. RPB color mode is preferred, otherwise distortions might occur. If the file was originally created in CMYK, it can be submitted with embedded color profile.
  8. If a bitmap image is provided in JPEG format, the company takes no responsibility for any defects of final product.
  9. Please attach one of the following to the files:
    1. Color printout of the original layout, with notes on dyes to be used or a color sample (e.g. a printed label).
    2. JPEG or PDF file with original layout and notes on dyes to be used.
  10. Elements within the file must meet the following requirements:
    1. Minimal thickness of uniform-color straight lines and elements (black on white) should be 0,1 mm, curved lines and elements – 0,2 mm.
    2. All elements with transparency type should be converted into bitmaps and saved as multi-layer bitmap PSD file.
    3. Do NOT use bitmaps with transparent background. Clipping paths should be made using PowerClip for CorelDraw or Clipping Path for Freehand and Illustrator.
    4. Text in two colors – as outline using one color (contour).
    5. Indentation of elements from label’s edge – 1 mm.
    6. Die-cutting overflow – 1 mm.
    7. Inner outline – 2 mm indentation from the edge
  11. It is impossible to print an uninterrupted dark-to-light gradient. Due to limitation of flexoprint , the “break” of raster element when reaching 0% gradient is visible. If using such design element, you can either cover the break with other design element, or set lowest value of gradient to 3%.
  12. If using barcode, please refer to information concerning size and color at
  13. Please provide contact information of the designer and/or person responsible for original layout.
  14. In case if provided original layout needs follow-up revision to meet these requirements, we reserve the right in increase layout preparation time by day or more, depending on amount of revision and current load of pre-press department.

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