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The Bulgarian Stolichno Weiss premium beer was re-launched in an extraordinarily formed bottle carrying a new PS label by CCL. Stolichno Bock, which is already sold in cans, is now available in the new bottle and outfit as well. 

Stolichno Bock

stolichno.pngThanks to the metallised material of the labels the golden elements appear remarkably glossy and underline the high quality of this premium product. The metallised PP labels for both beers were flexo printed and are foil stamped to achieve the best possible result.

Being brewed in Sofia by Zagorka S.A./Heineken Bulgaria the Stolichno Bock premium beer really lives up to its name, which translates to “of the capital city”.

Heineken Bulgaria chose CCL as label supplier for offering the best total package: pricing, support and development of the final designs in cooperation with the design agency as well as achieving the very fast launch targets.

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