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Many historic breweries cherish their good old swing top bottles – and so does the Kulmbacher Brewery in Upper Franconia, Germany.

The swing top closure was invented at the end of the 19th century and still enjoys great popularity. Especially the famous “plop” opening sound delights the hearts of beer enthusiasts everywhere.


The problem breweries using swing top bottles face is that through the deposit system any swing top bottle can be returned to them. Even those from other breweries printed with their correspondent logo.

CCL’s WashOff labels help Kulmbacher solve this problem in a very convenient way: Their Mönchshof beers have been outfitted with the labels since 2015. By applying them to the closures, logos of other breweries are covered easily.

Previously bottles with the “wrong” closures had to be sorted out: The bottles were either sent back and forth between breweries or closures were replaced. Therefore decorating them with WashOff labels saves time and effort considerably.

Thanks to the well-proven WashOff technology the swing top labels by CCL are removed during the standard bottle washing process. There is no need for additional procedures or chemicals. Furthermore the inks won’t pollute the washing bath as they are enclosed inside two layers of the label construction.

The colours of the direct prints on most swing tops fade over time. The self-adhesive WashOff labels can be applied again easily after each washing – guaranteeing an excellent appearance every time the bottles go back onto supermarket shelves, in bars or restaurants.

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