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CCL Label, a supplier of Shrink Sleeves to Coca- Cola, developed an innovative label solution to aid in improving yields for PET bottle regrind.

CCL uses a special TD shrink material, along with a non-bleeding ink system, which was specifically engineered for the “sink/float” separation process in PET grind/reclaim sites. It offers a perfect sustainable solution for nearly all PET products.

Coca-Cola successfully utilized this sustainable label solution for their 2013 Holiday Promotion.


  • APR (Association of Plastics Recyclers) approved for the PET bottle recycling process 
  • Low density film (polyolefin base): 0.91μ, (0.95μ w/ink) 
  • Material floats in water bath allowing separation from the PET bottle grind, which then settles to the bottom for reuse 
  • Non bleed ink system – requirement per APR test protocol 
  • High shrink material – maximum shrinkage of 50% TD; also has a low MD shrink 
  • More sustainable alternative to PET-g/OPS/ PVC

PLASTIC NEWS cit.; Dec. 2013

Coca-Cola is out with a new full-sleeve label that’s being tested on a holiday product that company believes provides a pathway to easier recycling. “We’re quite proud and feel like it’s a good step forward for the industry. We’re not saying it’s a silver bullet resolution by any means. But we really want to do our part and feel like this is a good step,” said Jeff Meyers, manager of sustainable packaging for Coca-Cola.

“There’s a bunch of real world testing that’s been done to advance and actually commercialize a new label from Coca-Cola,” he said. “The story here is we believe we are the first to market with an APR compatible label per their guidelines.” “... other brands are working on the same pathway as Coca-Cola, just a little farther behind, said APR Technical Director, John Standish.” “I believe that’s a very valuable step forward,” he said about Coca-Cola. “The reality is they are only one of many brands that are putting full-sleeve labels in the market. So we’d like to see other brands take similar steps.”

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