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A FABULOUS TRIO 06.08.2015

Frida’s new trio is probably the most stylish in all of Turkey. GaGoz, Trishka and Man Kafa impress customers with their unconventional understatement and simplicity.

Supported by mass media advertising the sparkly GaGoz lemonade already debuted successfully in January 2015. The unusual design as well as the cheeky text on the front made it popular on various social media platforms. Instagram and Co. are full of pictures from young people showing the stylish bottle to their followers.

Peach flavoured Trishka and tangerine flavoured Man Kafa have now completed the trio with their fruity freshness that is also reflected in the unusual label designs. Trishka is the first carbonated peach flavoured soft drink.

The premium-look of the used Pressure Sensitive Labels, while being less cost-intensive, easily keeps up with direct printing. They underline the clarity of the beverages while blending in perfectly with the product.

As a special feature the different labels come with a tactile effect giving them a three-dimensional surface feel. The Trishka labels also carry a secret message, which can only be read after the bottle has been emptied.

CCL was chosen as the label supplier for offering the best printing solution for these three memorable bottle decorations. The Turkish producer Frida based in Izmir is a newly won over customer of CCL Label.

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