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o ensure a successful launch in a country mostly occupied by wine lovers Heineken’s Edelweiss beer needed an eye-catching decoration that would instantly attract the attention of French customers.

The world’s third largest brewing company trusted one of their long-term suppliers with this task: CCL already produces one-way and WashOff Labels for Heineken’s main brands Heineken and Desperados – among others for the French subsidiary Heineken Entreprise S.A.S.

Heineken France chose to launch the originally Austrian brand Edelweiss to widen their local product range and win over even more consumers. The new products just entered the French market and already register satisfying sales figures.

Heineken Entreprise chose to hit the market strongly by launching a full range of Edelweiss beers, composed by "Edelweiss the Original White" and two variations with original recipes, inspired from the Alps : "Edelweiss Redberries" with a touch of elderflower and "Edelweiss Citrus" with a touch of honey. All recipes were launched in 25cl-iconic bottles, embossed with mountains.

The supplied one-way Pressure Sensitive Labels for Edelweiss were printed in rotogravure on silver and transparent material. Thanks to the silver material and an elaborate structure effect the labels obtain an unusual high-quality paper-look. Therefore CCL’s premium decoration perfectly underlines the freshness and natural origin that characterise the Edelweiss beer.

The new Edelweiss label not only satisfies with its attention-grabbing appearance it also fulfils eco-emballage requests.

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