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CCL presents a new concept with thermochromik ink

Refreshing design and ice cool execution helps your brand on the journey to legendary status

Inspired by a meeting of Clans, The Pack Republic and CCL Label Decorative Sleeves combine to craft and conceive Shrink Sleeve solutions for the premium spirits market. The Pack Republic provided CCL with numerous design concepts for a premium vodka product.

The final selection was for a white and blue bottle decoration with thermochromic effect.

The thermochromic ink will change to blue when the surface of the bottle is ice cold, for a perfect vodka shot.

The background of the sleeve label is mainly white but has a special lacquer pattern and includes a type eight thermochromic blue ink. When the surface temperature of bottle is 8°C the bottle design will turn to a blue shade. All thermochromic temperature changes are sensitive to exact temperatures which will be determined by the mass of the bottle rather than the ambient surroundings. It can take quite a long time for a full bottle to achieve a temperature of eight degrees. The design was rotogravure printed in six colours, thermochromic lacquer and white.

CCL also incorporated the UK tax stamp into the Shrink Sleeve, rather than as a separate label and included the security inks. The design was printed on 45 micron high shrink PET.

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